Homemade Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

When think of homemade gift ideas for boyfriend and made them into reality, it lets you be creative and create something unique. It shows your boyfriend exactly how you feel without having to search for the perfect give in a store or mall. Including a homemade gift is something from the heart that will make him feel like the luckiest person in the world to have such a loving girlfriend.

Here I have compiled for you some of the best homemade boyfriend gift ideas that you can actually make and give to your boyfriend.

Memory box - Go to a craft store and purchase a plain memory box or use a shoebox. Decorate your box with whatever you like such as stickers, paint, felt, and yarn, write a love poem or quotes, or place a loving picture of the both of you on it. On the inside, you can put mementos of your times together such as pictures, concert or amusement park ticket stubs -- anything that will remind him of special times you have shared together.

Post-it love - Get a big stack of post-it notes or buy separate packs and stick them on top of each other. On each one write a memory, love quote, poem, a feeling you have for him or anything you want him to know about you and your love for him. On the first post-it, write instructions for him to peel one off each day. You could also do this with a desk calendar that he has to rip off each day.

Treasure hunt - You can make this as big or small as you would like. Have him find little treasures all around your town or just in your home. Create clues and questions that is related to your relationship and when his answer is correct, you will give him answer to the treasure. Lastly, don’t forget to give him the big, final treasure – you!

Handmade Knits - Some of you might find this a tad bit old fashioned, but go for it if you know how to knit. You can knit a great sweater or a muffler for your boyfriend. You can personalize it by adding his initials on the sweater to make him feel truly special. You can even create personalized hankies for him as a gift. It is a very romantic idea, and most guys would love it. Also every time he wears the sweater, he’ll think of you and will instantly have a smile on his face.

Cookies and Chocolates - If you are a great cook and your guy is a foodie, then this is the idea for you. A freshly baked pan of cookies will do the trick. Bake his favorite cookies and make them heart-shaped to make the gift truly romantic. You can toss the fresh cookies into a cute basket and top it with some ribbons, and a cute greeting card attached to the basket. You can also print a personalized romantic message on every cookie, to make it more romantic. You can make some chocolates at home and fill the basket with cookies, chocolates and some nuts and flowers to make an assorted gift basket for him.

Try out one of these ideas and rest assured that your boyfriend will love your gift and he’ll treat this as the perfect boyfriend gift ever. Handmade gifts speak volumes of the effort that you put in to express your love, so the next time you are gift-hunting for your boyfriend, just try making something for him on your own and tell him how much you care.

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