Perfect Boyfriend Gift

Dating relationships are tough enough, but finding the perfect boyfriend gift for your latest flame can be even tougher. Sending the wrong gift can also send the wrong message. And if you've only been dating for a short time, you may even not yet know all of your sweetie's interests and passions and the gift that will please them most.

So, if you're looking for perfect boyfriend gift I suggest you go to cologne. It's hard to go wrong with cologne. Something that shows a special effort can also be a nice gesture. For example, homemade cookies in a decorative tin or you can play DJ and burn a custom mix CD. There are many more ideas to come. Still don't know where to start? Here are some more gift ideas to make for boyfriend.

For Her

* A funky & casual watch with changeable bands
* Bubble bath and soaps in a matching scent
* An assortment of gourmet chocolates
* Luxurious cashmere blanket

For Him

* A trio of gourmet coffees and a mug in his favorite color
* Cigars
* Leather day planner or case for his iPod
* Tickets to his favorite sporting event (but you get to come along)

For Both of You

* Champagne in a bucket engraved with your love poem
* Candlelit dinner out on the town
* Sign up for dance lessons, and enjoy an entire month of cha, cha, cha.
* An engraved ice cream scoop, assortment of toppings and a quart of your favorite flavor

If you're still puzzled on what to give and what homemade boyfriend gift ideas to make, how about a gift certificate? Imagine giving a gift certificate where your sweetie can choose their favorite store! Gift Certificates that lets the person receiving your gift pick from over 200 top stores, restaurants, spas, jewelers and more. It's the gift that's always appreciated because it also gives the gift of choice.

Sending the right gift not only expresses your affection, but can also set the stage to answer the eternal dating question, "Where is this relationship going?" Pick the right moment to give your gift (a champagne toast under the mistletoe) and make it even more memorable - a day filled with romance and laughter.


Homemade Boyfriend Gift Ideas

Homemade boyfriend gift ideas are the ideal way to express your love to your boyfriend. Adding a personal touch in a gift is a really great sign that you care. Whatever the occasion is, it would always be a better idea to surprise your man with a personalized homemade boyfriend gift ideas rather that buying it off the shelf! Men would love to be pampered as much as you do and what better way of expressing your love with these simple yet appealing homemade romantic gifts.

Here’s a look at some ideas for homemade gift ideas to make for boyfriend.

Love Jar: This creative romantic gift is made by taking a small jar with lid and filling it up with anything that is meaningful to you and your partner. You could type up memories, love quotes, reasons you love them, etc. etc. and cut out the strips for them to pull out and read. You could also fill it up with small little trinkets that have meaning or even small photos.

365 Days of Love: Making a personalized calendar is relatively easy to do. You can decide to make one using your printer or simply buy a cheap one at a discount store and then cover their photos with your own photos or designs. You can also make a tear away desk type of calendar by taking sheets of paper and then applying a notepad adhesive or other similar glue to the edge. Anything can go on the calendar - favorite photos, romantic quotes, special memories (like the anniversary of your first grilled cheese sandwich together for example!) or reasons you love the person. Moreover, you can also add up plans you have for that year. So that your boyfriend will be looking forward for those sweet ideas for boyfriend you had just put on it.

A Rock: Okay, so a rock sounds like a pretty crappy gift, doesn’t it? But what if you pair it with a cute message like “You are my rock” but if you’re in the right kind of relationship, it might just be a heart melter!

Love Magnets: Magnets can be a fun and whimsical gift and are really simple to make. You can either pick out little trinkets or other items that might have meaning and simply attach magnet strips to the back, or you could spring for Printable Magnetic Sheets and print anything to your hearts delight from your printer - from “magnetic poetry” to pictures and more!

The Classic Mix Tape: I love mix tapes, even if they’re not on tapes anymore. Browse through your songs and see if you could put together a mix that says exactly what you feel or songs that remind you of the other person. You can even hand decorate a used CD jewel case to give it extra personalization. This could be the perfect boyfriend gift especially if your boyfriend loves music.

Cook Something: You don’t necessarily have to bake cookies for a gift (though if they like cookies best, that will do!) Anything you make that they can eat is always a good quick gift idea for someone, especially if they’re the type that only like “useful” gifts. Jars of home made soup, popcorn, or other tasty treats work great. You could also put together in a basket everything needed for a romantic dinner (or maybe breakfast?) for two at home.

Homemade gift ideas for boyfriend have that extra edge over those bought from the store, exclusivity and the fact that you have made an extra effort for your loved one, goes a long way in saying what you feel about the person.


Things To Do With Your Boyfriend

There are probably so much things to do with your boyfriend. Especially when you've gone to the best friend stages first before leaping on to having a relationship. So why do you need to read this article if you have a lot of things to do with your boyfriend?

Well, the first reason is, you probably just know each other and have love at first site, and don't know so many things about each other. Then you need to know what really interest each other and think of ways to enjoy the day. You probably have a thing or two that you both enjoy doing, so do not fear.

The second is that, you have so many things in common and you don't know what will you do first. And the last is, you have been in the relationship too long and you want something new. To bring the spark back into your love.

So here are some sweet ideas for boyfriend that you can do.

• Make sure you know what the other person likes doing. You should of course be getting to know or already know this person fairly well, but be sure you know what they enjoy doing.

• If money is an issue for you and your boyfriend or girlfriend don't be shy to say so. The person you're dating should be with you for who you are, not your money. So let them know you'd like to find things to do together that aren't costly.

• Ask them for ideas of things they enjoy doing that don't cost money. You may be surprised to find out that your boyfriend or girlfriend already has hobbies that don't cost money that you can enjoy with them.

• If neither of you can come up with ideas of things to do that don't cost money, look up local events in your community. Often your city will put on festivals, outdoor concerts, or other such activities for free that are fun to attend with someone you already know.

• Find a local homeless shelter or animal society that you can volunteer at. Volunteering your time with your boyfriend or girlfriend will not only give you something to do, it will give back to your community. There are lots of places to volunteer your time, check online for places in your area.

• Go to the park. Most cities are full of beautiful parks that you already pay for with your tax dollars. Enjoy the outdoors, don't be afraid to be a kid again. Walk, swing, or just chill in the grass if you don't like just hanging in the grass then have a romantic picnic at the park.

• Don't underestimate the fun you can have just hanging out at your house. Learn to cook something cheap together. Or watch a movie at home instead of paying the big bucks for seeing a movie at the theater(you can even rent movies for free from your local library, most city libraries offer large selections especially if you request a certain movie in advance).

• Donate blood together, again giving back to the community around you will create quality memories with the person you're dating.

Remember that you’re spending time with this person because of who they are. What you do together doesn't matter as much as if you are paying attention to them, enjoying their company, and being their friend. Quality time comes from the attitude you have toward the person you're with.