First Date Advice

Temptations of the Single Girl: The Ten Dating Traps You Must AvoidDid you ask a girl you like out on a date?  Did she say yes?  Right about now, you may be excited.  As your date approaches, your excitement may turn to nervousness.  What should I wear? How should I act?  Where should we go?  Continue reading on for a few helpful tips.

Planning the Date

When you asked the girl on a date, what did you say?  If you asked her to the movies, that is where you should go.  Do not change a date location without first speaking to her.  This is one of the fastest ways to ruin a first date.  If you want to sneak in dinner or a drinks, that is okay, but always live up to your words.  If you do make changes, discuss them in advance.

If you asked the girl if she would like to go out with you, but didn’t provide her with a destination, start thinking about it now.  Don’t decide at the last minute, as this may result in disaster.  The best first dates are those where you can have fun and get to know the girl.  Opt for movie and a dinner, an outdoor concert, a picnic, bowling, and so forth.  If you are still at a loss for ideas, ask her for suggestions.

There are two ways to arrive at a date, together or separate.  When possible, you want to drive your date.  She may not accept your offer, but at least make it. 

Preparing for Your Date

For most men, preparation begins a few hours before date time.  Yes, this is true, but think about costs.  If you are on a budget, you need to financially prepare for your date ahead of time.  You can prevent this from becoming a problem by opting for an affordable destination.  For example, don’t choose a restaurant where you can’t afford half the food on the menu.

Most guys prepare for a date by showering.  This is a small, but important step.  Show up clean.  If you don’t think you will have enough time, try to leave work early, skip your afternoon at the gym, and so forth.  Do not assume that loading cologne on will hide your smell.  It may, but your date may also have a bad reaction to it.

The Date

You want to make a good first impression with your date.  The easiest way to do this is to arrive early.  Never be late for date.  If you will be late, call immediately.  Do not assume that all women are alike and running late.  Some women run on schedule.  Even still, you want to be on time even if you have to wait a few minutes for her.

The goal of a first date is to learn more about the one you are with.  For that reason, keep on talking.  Pauses in a conversation are common, but try to prevent them.  Ask your date questions and she should do the same.  If not, talk a little bit about yourself.

The most important thing to remember about first dates is that they aren’t supposed to be perfect.  Rarely will a first date go 100% as planned.  There will always be awkward moments.  There will always be pauses in the conversation and one of you is likely to say something slightly embarrassing.  If your first date doesn’t go as planned, don’t panic.  Hopefully, you will have a second chance to make a good impression.