Surprises For Boyfriends

Surprises keep the magic of love intact in a relationship. Surprises add spice in any relationship if they are pleasant. They drive away the dull moments and give the relationship a fresh momentum. I'm saying this, for you to know that once in a while you need to give surprises for boyfriends that are like a perfect man for you girls out there. If your boyfriend is playful and adventurous in nature, he is bound to love your surprises. And even if he is easy going, you can try various measures to surprise your boyfriend. And it is not very difficult to surprise your boyfriend, as you are the one who knows him best.

Let's here the guys talk about the surprise ideas their girlfriends gave them:

-- "I went home and found out a very nice dinner prepared by my girlfriend. The dinner was so delicious that I cant help but eat all of it. During dessert, my girlfriend spontaneously flicked a blob of ice cream at me. I laughed and retaliated, and soon it was an all-out food fight. Eventually, we were both on the floor laughing. It's still our most memorable at-home meal, and cleaning up each other afterward wasn't bad either."

-- "One day last winter, I had to go to work super early, so I got up and showered as usual. When I reached for my towel, I found the coziest surprise ever: My girlfriend had replaced our regular towel rack with a standing towel heater and had woken up and snuck in to turn it on while I was showering. I'd never been more in love with her."

-- “Sometimes my girlfriend will get me a little gift just because she likes to give one, like a new shaving cream or some boxer briefs. But instead of handing it to me, she sneaks it into my medicine cabinet or underwear drawer so I’ll find it on my own. It always takes me a second to figure out how it got there, and then I feel like the luckiest guy on earth.”

--"It was one rainy evening, so I've got stuck at the office and had to cancel a date with my girlfriend. I felt really horrible about it and worried she'd be mad. Then a delivery truck pulled up outside, and a guy got out and handed me a pizza! She had called and paid for it, and she had them send a cute note along with my dinner. I loved that."

Now you know some of the great ideas girls come up to surprise their boyfriends. And you also know hoe guys want surprises so badly. So surprise him now!! In a good way.

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