Top Romantic Movies #16 - 50 First Date

50 First Date (2004)
Win The Girl Of Your Dream Every Frigging Day

Where "50 First Dates" proves its worth is in the chemistry between Adam Sandler (2002's "Punch-Drunk Love") and Drew Barrymore (2003's "Duplex"), who are one of the most note-perfect romantic couples in movie history. They had that certain something in "The Wedding Singer" that made your heart want to sing, and they have it again here.

Henry Roth, a womanizing marine-life veterinarian living in Hawaii, meets Lucy Whitmore, an art teacher, in a café one morning. They hit it off and agree to meet the next morning. The following day, however, Lucy claims not to know Henry. The café owner pulls Henry aside and explains that Lucy suffers from anterograde amnesia (called 'Goldfield Syndrome' in the film) as a result of a car accident she was in a year earlier. Her condition has left her with no memory of anything between the day of the accident and the present, because she is incapable of converting short-term memories into long-term memories. At the beginning of each day, she loses all memory of the past day. She innocently believes every day to be October 13, 2002. Her father, Marlin, and brother, Doug, attempt to re-enact the activities of October 13, her father's birthday, every day, to prevent her from suffering from learning about the accident.

Realizing that he is beginning to fall in love with Lucy, Henry sheds his philandering ways and begins devising new ways to 'meet' her again every day, hoping that one day she will retain her memories – and feelings – for him. Henry and Lucy's family eventually realize that they cannot lie to her about what has happened forever, and so instead begin to leave video tapes for her to watch each morning, explaining her situation and relationship with Henry. Over time, Lucy begins to reciprocate Henry's feelings, even going so far as to accept his marriage proposal.

One morning, however, she overhears Henry telling Marlin that he has canceled his plans to sail to the Arctic on a research expedition – something he had been planning and saving money for ten years – in order to be with Lucy. Not wanting to be the person to hold him back, she ends the relationship and commits herself to a specialist unit in hospital, allowing herself to forget all about Henry. A heartbroken Henry, meanwhile, finally saves the money needed to begin his trip, and, after a farewell from Marlin and Doug, sets sail. Shortly after departing he realizes that Marlin had hinted that Lucy had indeed remembered Henry, and he rushes back to the hospital to see her. Upon seeing him again, Lucy explains that she still does not know who Henry is, but that she has somehow remembered his face and she had dreams with him in them, as evidenced by the many paintings and pictures she has produced of him whilst in hospital. Knowing that this is proof of the love she has for him, and he for her, the couple reunite.

Several years later Lucy wakes up in a strange bed with a video tape on the night stand next to her, reading "Good Morning, Lucy". She watches it, and cries as she relives her accident while the tape explains everything that has happened, including scenes from Henry and Lucy's wedding. She then looks out the window and is shocked to find out that she is on a boat in the Arctic. She comes out onto the deck of the boat to be greeted by Henry as well as her father and her young daughter sailing on Henry's ship, his dream finally fulfilled.

Why I Chose This:
A movie that shows a guy constantly proving his love everyday to a girl. What more could I ask for? How romantic is that? Showing your girlfriend how much you love her everyday and not giving up even if there were no hint of sign that she will remember you is just the sweetest thing on earth. Adam sandler is truly a charmer and will definitely captures every woman's heart in this romantic movie.

Favorite Scene:
The scene at the end of the movie when she wakes up on the boat and she plays the video reminding her of her life and her daughter runs up to her, makes me cry every time.

Favorite Quote:
Henry: You erased me from your memories because you thought you were holding me back from having a full and happy life. But you made a mistake. Being with you is the only way I could have a full and happy life. You're the girl of my dreams.

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