Flirting or Just Friendly: Is She In To You?

Flirting 101: How to Charm Your Way to Love, Friendship, and SuccessMany guys are brave and ask girls on dates just because they want to.  On the other hand, you may be looking for guidance or reassurance.  If you don’t want to put your heart on the line just yet, wait and see if a girl flirts with you.  If so, it is almost guaranteed she will accept your date invitation.  But, wait!  How do you tell if a girl is flirting with you or just being nice?

If she smiles.  A smile alone is hard to determine if a girl is just being nice or flirting, but it all depends.  To determine, quickly judge it.  Some are expressionless smiles, where they look forced.  In this instance, she is just being nice, not flirting.  On the other hand, you will have excited and seductive smiles.  A girl who smiles and giggles or blushes is excited about the contact made.  This is flirting.  A seductive smile means she has something going on beyond the scenes.  Of course, you should approach her, but with a seductive smile, she may just do it herself.

If she makes eye contact.  Eye contract can be tricky to determine if a girl is flirting with you.  This is because we all make eye contact.  We automatically scan a room when we enter it.  During that time, we are bound to make eye contact with someone.  So, if eye contact is made from afar, it may just be a coincidence.  But, if she approaches you and looks into your eyes when talking, she is flirting or at least genuinely interested in the conversation you are having.

If she checks out your body.  As previously stated, some women have a seductive smile.  A good sign it is time to make your move is if she smiles when looking over your body.  You know that not so casual once look over.  If she has that seductive smile on her face, act now.  It will work to your advantage.

If she separates herself from the crowd.  If in a group and the girl you are interested in leaves, watch her actions.  Are you at a bar?  Does she come and stand next to you to get her drink?  Chances are, she is not only flirting but also waiting for you to make conversation.  On the other hand, does she separate from the crowd and go elsewhere.  Unless she heads for the door or the bathroom, chances are she is interested in someone else.  In fact, she may be moving closer to him.

If she approaches you.  If you are in a public setting and are approached by a girl, chances are she is flirting with you.  Why is it that she picked you out of 20 other guys?  It may be because she finds you attractive.  If you are unsure, wait for other flirting signs.  Does she smile, make eye contact, ask questions, or stay and talk to you as opposed to hangout with her friends?  If so, she is flirting with you.

Now that you have an idea whether a girl is flirting with you or just being friendly, you may be wondering what next.  If she isn’t flirting with you, don’t let that stop you.  Still make contact.  You may not want to ask for a date right away, but why not just start a casual conversation?  You got nothing to lose.

If she is flirting with you, well that is another story.  You should jump right in.  Don’t assume that a girl who likes you will make the first contact.  Most flirt and then wait for a reaction.  This is because they want to know if the guy, which would be you, is interested.  If you are, show your interest.  Introduce yourself and start a conversation. 

After starting a conversation with a girl, regardless of whether she was flirting or not, if you still like her, ask her on a date.  “This was fun, why I don’t I give you my number and maybe we can get together sometime?” works great.  This is a great line to use, as shows your interest without apply pressure.  Never make a girl set a date right then and there unless she offers.  You want a date because she genuinely likes you, not because she feels pressured.

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