Sweet And Romantic Lines In A Love Letter

People might not know this, but girls are much better than guys in spilling out those sweet and romantic lines . it's true. Girls are more Today, I give credit to one of the sweetest love letter I've ever read. I really don't know their true names. But I indeed salute the girl for having so much passion in loving her boyfriend. Hope their love last forever...

Dear Honey,

Hello! Good morning!

How’s my boyfriend? I do hope you’re fine and having a nice day even in your busiest days. I know you are having a lot of headaches and muscle pains because of your review and training for your job. I know you can do it, honey. Just strive and everything’s gonna be all right.

A1q for me, you don’t have to worry that much, because I am just fine. I am not that busy. I have just finished reviewing for the midterms. After this week, it’s rest for sure. I just hope you’re not that busy after this week because I want to be with you, and maybe we can have a dinner or a bar hopping trip, just like what we’ve done last December. Wouldn’t be that great?

Wow, I am already excited. I couldn’t wait to see you and hug you. I am missing you so much.
This morning I saw “santino”. Remember santino? Santino was your gift to me last May. The plant already grew in front of my room, at the terrace. Wow, it’s so mice! You should see it!
Oh my God! I have so many things to tell you. Last week, I saw Monina and Jet. Do you remember them? Our two friends way back from high school… hmmm, guess what? They’re having theor first baby. Would you believe that?

For that, I’m starting to think of having a baby too! Ooops, don’t panic, I’m just joking, my dear. I’m just contented with you as my baby, for now. Honey, I really hope you’re fine. Don’t worry that much . I am okay. And if I’m not, I would let you know.

Honey, take good care of yourself. I love you so much. I love you so much, and I do hope we can be together as often as we can.

Thanks for all the love!

Honey Bee

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