Romantic Gifts For Him

What could be the best romantic gifts for him ?

Well, if I am a superhero or sort, I should be giving him all the things that he needs. But, I am far from being superhero, so I must be a little bit realistic in making a wish list for the one year anniversary gift? So here’s some list from where I can think of pursuing – what else, the best gift:

(a) A t-shirt printed “Baby loves you!”. Well, do you it’s not so mushy? But I think it’s just perfect for some sweet show of affection.

(b) A watch so that he would not forget the date and time of the day. I just want him to be reminded, or will it might annoy him? Let’s see.

(c) A huggable stuff toy named after me. Oh, I think this is such a sweet thing to give. At least, he could just hug this cute toy, when I’m not around.

(d) A science fiction book. I’ve known him as collectors of the different kinds of sci-fi and the likes, but this one, I’d make sure that he hasn’t read. I’m sure he’s gonna like this one.

(e) A book of poems. Well, I’m getting teary-eyed when I get to read something beautiful such as love poems. Maybe, some beautiful poems can lighten up the day of my boyfriend.

(f) A ticket for two to some play. We would from time to time watch movies, but we don’t go to plays that much. So maybe, for a change, we can have some get-together for a play. I just hope I choose the play of his type.

The first anniversary signifies an important chapter in every relationship. It’s really exciting to know that you came to that point, it’s so special. Whatever the gift maybe, what’s important is the presence of love that you are sharing with each other.

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