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Hi Guys!! This November and December Month, it seems that there are many good movies in cinemas that I really want to watch. To Name a few, there's "2012" , "Alvin and the Chipmunks", "The Messenger", "Zombieland", "A Christmas Carol" and of course "New Moon" . And I'm indeed a movie addict, so I think I'm going to watch it all in the cinemas. Well, this inspires me to blog about the best movies I had ever seen. But well, since this is a romantic blog, I would instead blog about the Top Romantic Movies according to people and of course according to me.

As a writer - and as a woman... It is natural for me to watch those cheesy tear jerker romantic movies. Who wouldn't want to watch them, right girls? So why do girls love to watch romantic movies? Girls watch romantic movies because we are normally romantic or even hoplessly romantic. We wish that something that happens in those movies would happen to us even if it's just something like kissing in the rain, or telling your boyfriend to wear your heels because your feet is in pain. We wish we have boys as romantic and as perfect as there is in the movie.

So, the bottom line is, We girls are such a sucker for love stories aren’t we?
That is why I bring you this Top 20 Romantic Movies of all time. Hope you enjoy it!!

1. When Harry Met Sally – 1989
2. Pretty Woman – 1990
3. Titanic – 1997
4. The Notebook – 2004
5. Sleepless In Seattle – 1993
6. Ghost – 1990
7. The Princess Bride – 1987
8. Casablanca – 1942
9. Breakfast At Tiffany’s – 1961
10. You’ve Got Mail – 1998
11. An Affair To Remember – 1957
12. Dirty Dancing – 1987
13. Moonstruck – 1987
14. Love Story – 1970
15. If Only – 2004
16. 50 First Date – 2004
17. Lake House – 2006
18. A Walk To Remember – 2002
19. My Sassy Girl (Korean Version) – 2001
20. Music And Lyrics - 2007

The top 10 Movies Will Be At Sweet Things To Say To Your Girlfriend . A blog also made by me intended for the guys who want to be romantic and want their girls to be happy. So, why would I put the top 10 Romantic movies there instead of here, when girls are the ones interested in it? Because, guys need it more. A dedicated guy to his girlfriend would search the internet for romantic films that his girl could like, and that's where they'll find my blog.

But hey, are there still guys who read my blog? Guys who want their girlfriend to be happy and is also as cheesier as their girlfriends? Reality is, there is. And there are still many of them. In fact, that blog of mine has more traffic than this Sweet Things To Say To Your Boyfriend, meaning there are a lot guys searching for love help to make their girlfriends happy.

To most women, a fairytale is a fairytale and real life is real life, perfect romeos are hard to come by and romance will always remain behind the film only. But think twice girls. Because most of these top romantic movies are dopted in real life, and is not far from being reality. I myself have the courage to state that I've found my perfect "Romeo" . How about you? Comment in this post if you met him already and give the other girls some hope.

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